On this page we will endeavour to keep up to date with forthcoming events, gigs and conferences of interest to our supporters. Please let us know if you want an event included by contacting Tony at

In fact I’ve been pretty hopeless at keeping this page up to date. Not sure exactly why? Anyway I can attempt to make a fresh start.




2 comments on “EVENTS

  1. Gary timlin says:

    Hi Tony I presume. Could IDYW and its relationships and links with youth workers and services nationwide compile a list of youth provison nationally? Stand alone youth centres, dual purpose centres with a youth club, detached. I personally would find it interesting to see on a national level what is left of our service to our youth. I could provide Warwickshire info.

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    Tim – This is a task well worth doing as we’ve no overall sense of the present level of provision. As for IDYW taking it on? We’re a small voluntary outfit with no paid workers. It would need some of our supporters agreeing to lead such a project. Certainly among our ranks we will have a great deal of information to share. I’ll do a post and raise it on out FB page to see if there is any energy and interest. Cheers. Tony

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