Voice of Youth co-op looking for volunteers

Message from Tania de St Croix

Hello friends,
We need some new volunteers for our fantastic youth workers’ co-op in Hackney, London. We are writing to you because we think you might be interested yourself or know somebody who might be interested – if so, please see below, forward this email to anyone who might be interested, and put up the attached PDF or Word poster version if you have anywhere to put it. Ideally we would love to hear back before mid-August as we would like to organise a volunteer induction session before the autumn.
Thanks so much!


S.O.S. Voice of Youth!!!
Volunteers needed for youth work co-op in Hackney

Be part of something amazing!
No bosses, great mutually supportive team including local young people – experience genuine co-operative working!
We are looking for experienced youth workers who want to support our way of working…
… and for people who want to gain experience in open-access youth work!

Voice of Youth is a special organisation. We do things differently: we work cooperatively, our work is rooted in young people’s needs and wishes, and we avoid funding that involves meeting targets or defining young people as problems. We were set up in 2011 by local young people and youth workers. We are a committed group of volunteers, we have around 30 fantastic young people aged 8-18 taking part each week, and funding for a project using creative activities to get young people talking about social issues. But we need more volunteers to help us stay open!

Interested? You would need to be available all or most Wednesday evenings, 5:30-9:30 pm, term-time from Autumn 2017. Our work relies on trusting relationships with young people and within the staff team, so we ask you to commit to 6 to 12 months if at all possible. Have a look at our website to find out more about us: http://www.voice-of-youth.org

Still interested? Send us an email and we’ll have an informal chat and tell you more! Please contact tania1.voy@gmail.com or any VOY volunteers or youth workers you know, preferably by mid-August ‘17.

Who can be a VOY volunteer? Anyone aged 16+. We aim to reflect the community we work in, and we particularly welcome Black and Minority Ethnic applicants, local young people, and EVERYONE of ANY background who is keen to work with young people on their terms, valuing their views and perspectives. All volunteers need a DBS (criminal record) check – an unrelated criminal record is no problem, but please discuss this with us in advance. Travel expenses available, please ask for details.

Young people are ready to take control of services in Lambeth, but what about the 6 million pounds cut?






We look forward to following closely the progress of the ‘cooperative’ Lambeth council’s commitment to young people taking charge of certain services within the Borough. As a first step a meeting was held on July 5 to explore the creation of a Young Lambeth Cooperative with Leader of the Council, Steve Reed opening the event. At this stage the process is being facilitated by Bill Badham and Alex Farrow on behalf of  Public Services Mutuals.

According to the report drawn up by Alex, which can be read in its entirety here,

The event and process is truly innovative and a first in the UK. From next year, a new cooperative organisation, with young people as its members, will take control of a multi-million pound budget and be legally responsible for the commissioning and delivery of children and youth services in the borough.

In trying to get a grip on this development with all its seduction, a number of initial questions emerge.

– What was the process through which the 70 young people attending emerged?

– Were any youth or play workers involved in the dialogue at this stage?

– How does the proposed multi-million pound budget compare with the funds previously available? In March 2012 the Council agreed to cut six million pounds over the next three years from youth services. These cuts are vigorously opposed by Lambeth Save Our Services.

We’ll do some more research, but any information would be most welcome. This first concrete step towards the mutualisation of these public services in a climate of cuts, yet with young people purportedly at the helm of affairs, deserves our most serious, critical attention.