After almost two years of graft we have produced with the support of UNISON and UNITE our book of  youth work stories, supplemented by context and analysis. The publication and its accompanying DVD was launched on Monday, October 17, 2012.

We see the book and DVD as starting points for further debate and activity in support of democratic youth work. Thus we hope this page will feature more stories from across the country as we venture on a series of workshops at a local and regional level.

For the time being here is the book in a pdf format for you to download.


This is the video featuring young people talking about what youth work means to them.

As ever comments, criticisms welcomed. This is just the beginning!

5 comments on “THIS IS YOUTH WORK : THE BOOK

  1. matt says:

    Can we survive the onslaught of cuts, as local authorities reduce their frontline Youth workers in order to keep high quantities of managers, the Welsh Authorities allowing local agendas to govern policy does not meet the needs of the intended targets ” Young People” who have had not been consulted apart from tokenistic form filling to show consultation. We as Youth workers must empower the young people and facilitate their progression “to have a say” where cuts in their service should be made.

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