Standards for Youth Workers : Far too instrumental and behavioural? Have your say.

Personally, I read these ‘standards’ with a heavy heart – the underlying instrumental character of the whole exercise, the very telling and problematic use of the notion of ‘behaviours’ throughout and the absence of a feel for an improvised conversational youth work practice that is not programmed or activity-based. And it might be water under the bridge, but the title of ‘Youth Support Worker’ still gets my goat. These folk are youth workers. However, I probably protest too much. Certainly, I hope people might find the time and energy to respond.


NYA’s ETS committee has been supporting the Youth Work Trailblazer to develop apprenticeship standards for Youth Workers, Support Youth Workers and Assistant Youth Support Workers.

Each apprenticeship standard has to be expressed as the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for an occupation.

Standards for the three apprenticeships are attached, and the NYA have launched an open invitation for interested parties to complete a short survey for whichever is the most appropriate standard for your context:
Additionally, you are invited to forward the standards and survey link to your contacts so that we can reach the widest contribution to the content of these draft standards.

The assessment plan for each of these standards is due to be circulated in the not too distant future, so your input into the development of the content of each standard is requested before 25th December.

In the meantime, if there you have any queries or additional comments, please contact Veena Chauhan via:


Standard for Assistant youth support worker Dec 2017

Standard for youth support worker Dec 2017

Standard for youth worker Dec 2017