A forceful nudge to remind you that we are hosting a day of debate in Manchester on September 14 focused on the prospects for Youth Work under the CONDEMN Coalition.

Youth Work under the ConDems

A day for youth workers and youth work managers to reflect on the implications for their work of the new political settlement

10.30 for 11 to 4.30: Tuesday 14 September 2010

at Manchester Metropolitan University, Didsbury Campus

Speakers and topics

Bernard Davies, author of “The New Labour Years” and “Youth Work: a manifesto for our times”

From Thatcherism via New Labour to the ConDems – so what’s new?

John Schostak, Professor of Education in Education and Social Research Institute Group` The City and Social Justice’, Manchester Metropolitan University

Is the era of publicly provided education coming to an end?

Michael Fielding, Emeritus Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London and co-author of a forthcoming book “Radical Education and the Common School: A Democratic Alternative”

Reclaiming the radical democratic education

Janet Batsleer Head of Youth and Community Work Programmes at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Resources of Hope for Radical Democratic Youth Work: The contributions of feminism.


An inescapable context for the discussion will be the cuts in public services and jobs – announced and pending. Working mainly in small group, participants will also have the chance to look at how more specific planned developments might impact on youth work – such as:

  • A major expansion of ‘academy schools’.
  • The establishment of networks of so-called ‘free’ schools and ‘co-operative’ schools.
  • Contracting out public services to voluntary and community organisations.
  • The run-down of the local authority and national Government role in providing public education.
  • The likely impact of current policies on youth employment prospects.

As well as highlighting likely or potential ‘threats’, groups will be asked to consider what, if any, progressive possibilities might be sustained within these developments, and how pre-figurative practice may be identified and protected.

In addition to four 15-minute inputs during the day, substantial time will be left for small focus group discussions to consider specific themes and issues.

  • The morning session will focus on the understanding and critique of the current context.
  • The afternoon session will be concerned with identifying shared understandings of radical democratic practice in education.

Follow up

This is a national IDYW event. It is hoped that, with the support of some of those who participate in it, related follow-up events will be organised regionally.


The event is free – though a donation of up to £5 to the Campaign will be welcome on the day!

Food and drinks

Teas and coffees will be available.

Participants will need to provide their own lunch.

To register: Email either


ConDem Event Flier – please circulate widely

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