In Support of the Provisional Statement of Purpose : Campaigning in Young People’s Interests


Further to the circulation of the Provisional IDYW Statement of Purpose 2014 to be discussed at conference, Bernard Davies has drafted the following paper as a stimulus to debate.


It begins:

Cuts unlimited…
Since In Defence of Youth Work announced itself through its Open Letter in February 2009, the state has increasingly abandoned its responsibility for providing open access youth work. For example, the June 2011 House of Commons Select Committee report Services for Young People recorded survey findings showing that:
– local authority Youth Service cuts were by then averaging 28%, with some authorities cutting by 70%, 80% or even 100%;
– a total of more than £100 million was being cut from local authority youth budgets in England by March 2012, with open-access youth clubs and centres being most affected;
– 96% of 41 heads of youth services were saying that by April 2012 they would either be reducing this provision or stopping it altogether.
Since then Children and Young People Now has carried reports in just the past three months of major cuts largely affecting open access provision in Staffordshire, Nottingham, Croydon, Wandsworth, the Isle of Wight, York, Devon, Essex, Bradford and Wiltshire.

READ IN FULL – Campaigning in Young People’s Interests

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