Respecting Children and Young People Project


Respecting Children and Young People: Learning from the past, redesigning the future

We have received notice of this potentially significant initiative by the British Educational Research Association.

Dear colleagues,

This week marked the launch of the blog for the BERA Respecting Children and Young People project. The project is a joint initiative of 6 special interest groups within the British Educational Research Association who are together developing an alternative policy manifesto with equality and social justice for children and young people at its heart. You can read more about the project at:

Respecting Children and Young People

To start the thinking and discussion that will lead us to formulate policy recommendations we have commissioned a number of pieces of writing by members who are some of the leading educational researchers in the United Kingdom. These will be posted on our blog over the coming months. The first posts are from Geoff Whitty, Diane Reay, Terry Wrigley and Rachel Brooks.

Whether you’re a BERA member or not please take the time to stop by our blog, read, comment, and get involved in discussion. You might also consider writing a guest post? Or perhaps you work with practitioners or children/young people who are interested in sharing with us their research or experiences? Or you may be experienced with turning rigorous research into policy and would be prepared to act as critical friends, helping us to identify any oversights, give guidance on where we might find additional research to support the positions put forward, and also to help us refine the policy recommendations for our manifesto?

Please feel free to disseminate news of our blog and project widely amongst your networks.

With thanks,

Ruth Boyask (on behalf of the editorial team)


It would be great to have a youth work input into this project. We’ll certainly be thinking about doing so. The contacts for Youth and Informal Education are  Ian McGimpsey or Janet Batsleer

Guidance on writing a guest blog can be found at Contribute.

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