Early Day Motion 488 in support of Statutory Youth Services – Get your MP to sign!


Ta to Choose Youth
Ta to Choose Youth



That this House believes that all young people across the UK should have access to a statutory funded, wide-ranging and universal youth service with ring-fenced funding from central government which is delivered by local authorities working closely with schools and youth voluntary organisations; notes the importance of youth services being delivered by professionally qualified youth workers, who offer young people the benefit of wide-ranging information, advice, guidance and support; recognises that a statutory funded, wide-ranging and universal youth service will deliver not only a safe and secure environment for young people to thrive, but in addition, embed critical life skills that enable young people to positively contribute to society both socially and economically; additionally recognises that for many young people, especially the most vulnerable and those from disadvantaged communities, the provision of a statutory funded, universal and wide-ranging youth service will support their journey into further and higher education, employment or training; further believes that a statutory funded, wide-ranging and universal youth service will constitute value for money in that such a service will lead to many young people not having to access higher tiered and more costly interventions later in their lives; and further believes that responsibility for youth services within central government should rest with the Department for Education.

This initiative is born of a number of sources and was highlighted at our IDYW event this last Friday by Piers and Ben from the National Union of Students. Hot on its heels we will be organising an IDYW event to explore in more depth differing ways in which  statutory provision might be funded. More details soon. In the meantime the motion opens afresh a debate about the character of youth work in the coming years. It poses anew the way in which we are to relate to the political parties in the run up to the General Election, particularly perhaps One Nation Labour and the Greens. And what if UKIP gives its backing? Let argument commence.

Pete Sims, organiser of a 38 Degree petition to the same effect, writes:

This is the best chance we have to get this debated and secured for many years! If enough MP’s sign then it will be debated in Westminster. Please get everyone you know to contact their local MP and get them to sign!!

Later information from Pete following  BBC  coverage of the predicament facing youth services in Yorkshire.

Please have a look at these shocking figures highlighting the savage severity of the cuts to this crucial public service! Supplied by the BBC through FOI’s. Please use this information in your Lobbying of MPs to sign the EDM calling for a debate on securing a Statutory Youth Service in all local authorities.

Cut £s % cut

Leeds £3,763,000 50%
Bradford £3,100,000 49%
Calderdale £565,340 25%
Kirklees £174,802 3.5%
Wakefield £724,117 12%
Sheffield £7,544,143 57%
Barnsley £3,632,000 65%
Rotherham £3,607,865 40.6%
Doncaster £4,591,353 73%
North Yorks £2,248,135 27%
York £518,172 15%

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