Ben Ryan leads fight to save Oldham Youth Service – needs your support

Hi all, my name is Benjamin Ryan and I am attempting to save our youth workers in Oldham. I have created a online petition if you could all sign it it would be great!

Boy, 15, leads fight to save Oldham’s youth centres
Benjamin Ryan, has collected 800 signatures in his petition to save youth centres from closure as part of budget cuts

We also have a facebook page so if you could like that it would also help! It’s called

‘Save our Youth Services Oldham’

Ben (15)

We the undersigned petition the council to not close all the youth service for Oldham, including; Youth Centres, Castleshaw and School Swimming Lesson. Along with many staff that assist us on a daily basis, these will all be gone

Oldham councils cutbacks are removing all youth services. This will see lots of different effects on the youth population, all negatively. This is very disfortunate for Oldham, All of the youth centres are used a lot and many people will be upset to see them go.

Also see the IDYW Facebook page where Pete Sims and others are helping Ben with draft letters, tactical suggestions etc….

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