Call for Case Studies to influence Labour Party thinking on the Youth Service and Youth Work

Ta to understandingsociety
Ta to understandingsociety

Pete Sims gets in touch with an urgent plea.

Call for Case Studies!

Following on from our initial meeting with Tristram Hunt and the new Shadow Youth Minister, I have agreed to pull together a report concerning the present crisis affecting the Youth Service, in order to facilitate further discussion. A section of this report will be presenting case studies and testimonies from young people who can powerfully and directly tell their account of the impact of their involvement in Youth Work. I would deeply appreciate contributions from across the country. I have four weeks to complete the report. If you could send me any any info as above, (please ensure you have the young people’s permission and anonymised as appropriate) then please send them to

Please do not worry about format, I can play around with presentation from here. It will be unlikely that we will be able to include them all with the report, but I am hoping to create a booklet that could contain them all as an accompanying evidence and lobbying tool. If you only have hard copies, then please contact me and I will forward on my address.

Your support and contributions will be greatly appreciated!

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