Education’s crisis of legitimacy : Parents climb walls to help their children cheat

This astonishing picture from the Indian state of Bihar, published by  several news agencies (also as part of a Daily Telegraph video report), provides a chilling example of the faltering relationship between educational credentials and the labour market.  Some were apparently trying to hand in answer sheets folded into paper planes to the 12th grade pupils sitting their exams

But in the 21st global economy, with education now primarily about ‘passing’ rather than ‘learning’,  even piling up exams isn’t enough to help young people move on in life and as a result, education, unless it is radically changed and given a new meaning,  will increasingly experience a ‘legitimacy’ crisis. Becoming like trying to climb up a downwards escalator, as qualifications become devalued,  you have to climb further and faster just to stand still. Unfortunately  the  Bilar parents have taken climbing to a new level.


Thanks to Patrick Ainley for the link

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Parents climb walls to help their children cheat. | Education, economy and society (blog comment from

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