Government uses Queen’s speech to advance jail plans for social workers

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This is an astonishing and counter-productive development, illustrating the authoritarianism at the heart of the neo-liberal project and its hatred of the ‘caring’ professions. It raises also where youth workers fit into this scenario? As we know an increasing number of workers, youth social workers in all but name, are handling caseloads of referred young people. It feels that we should try to do some sort of survey to get the views of workers in this situation. Any thoughts?

Thanks to Community Care for this link.

Government uses Queen’s speech to advance jail plans for social workers

The government will push ahead with a consultation on jail sentences for social workers who ‘wilfully neglect’ children, under a bill announced in the Queen’s speech today.

Despite fierce protest from the sector, including a petition that amassed more than 11,000 signatures, the police and criminal justice bill will introduce a criminal offence of wilful neglect for professionals who fail to act on child protection concerns.

The move is likely to provoke outrage among social workers, many of whom have warned it will contribute to the already-intense blame culture within child protection and dissuade students from pursuing social work careers.

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