REFUGEE WEEK, JUNE 14 – 21 – Steve Skitmore Bikes the Border

News from our friends at Youth Affairs New Queensland [YANQ] of an initiative within the UK to draw attention to the inhumane and deeply ignorant policies across the globe, in this case Australia, towards refugees and migrants.

refugees Leicester

REFUGEE WEEK – visit the web site for more info on events

This year Refugee Week will be celebrated from Sunday, 14 June to Saturday 21 June, which includes World Refugee Day on 20 June.

Steve Skitmore (previous employee of YANQ) is currently visiting UK. While he is in the UK, he is going to be cycling the border of England and Wales from the 7th-10th July to raise awareness on Australia’s inhumane refugee detention policies. There’s a huge amount of activity on refugee issues in the UK, and getting international attention is a key part of putting pressure on the Abbott Government.

At the moment, Steve is busy contacting the Refugee Council of Britain, Refugee Action UK and other charities to see they can support the ride with publicity to their networks.

Please visit and like Steve’s Facebook page for this campaign:
Bike the Border – ride for refugee rights

In Steve’s words:

Why Bike the Border? Well, it’s a journey, along and across country borders. It shows solidarity with those doing this for their and their families’ lives, when we can just do it for fun. It shows how some people have the privilege to depart and arrive at will, for the luck of being born in the right place at the right time. It shows the surreal nature of stopping some (and especially those who are most in need) from crossing arbitrary lines, while others such as ourselves can cross them dozens of times a day.

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