The role of the government [and youth workers] in modern capitalist states

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Justin Wylie writes:

I have a somewhat theoretical question about youth work. If I am even half-right about this sketch of the role of government, then what is the role of the youth worker? If the role of the youth worker is to mediate between the interests of the young person or persons and society then what do you do when society has no values? If the role of the “leaders” of society is to serve up society on a dish to be plundered and pillaged by their capitalist friends what attitude towards these “leaders” and society should youth workers be encouraging/promoting or even tabling for discussion? I am thinking more about young people in the sense of a “generation” and trying to avoid psychological individualising in answering this question.

The economic system we currently have could be described as state-subsidised corporatism. The state buys services from corporate companies. The services are provided at many times the cost it takes to produce them. Sometimes they aren’t provided at all but the corporations still get paid. Financial benefits from economies of scale accrue to the producers not the people.

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