EU Commission stopped funds for Greece’s ERASMUS program a fortnight ago? Why and on whose behest?


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This morning the drama in Greece moves nearer perchance to its climax. Will the country leave the Euro and the European community itself? It seems that deep in the bureaucratic bowels of the European Commission someone has already decided the writing is on the wall. The EC ended funding for the ERASMUS+ programme in Greece over two weeks ago. Ironically at last week’s IDYW Steering Group we were exploring precisely the possibilities of using ERASMUS  to develop and extend our work. Indeed finding a partner in Greece was actually mentioned. The hopes and fears, the contradictions continue to swirl as Greece is cast adrift. More news to follow.

The text below is automatically translated from the Italian version posted on 4. June 2015 on the ERASMUS+ web site.

The European Commission has announced that the disbursement of funds to the National Agency Greek who runs the Youth Chapter of the Erasmus + was suspended for procedural reasons.

The suspension concerns the projects approved by the National Greek in round 2 and 3 of 2014. This implies that you are not signed grant agreements with beneficiaries and therefore have not been granted financial contributions approved.

The suspension will also cover projects that were presented to the deadlines of the round1 and round 2 of 2015.

Greek organizations that have had projects approved or current projects in the deadlinesmentioned above were informed of the decision of the European Commission.

For more information, in case your organization is a partner of projects falling under the categories listed above, visit the Greek National Agency.

Thanks to the indefatigable blogger, KeepTalkingGreece for the link.



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  1. And do you know what it is the situation in Greece now relationated with erasmus? I am going to go in septembre for an erasmus that my university in spain has given to me.

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