Protecting the Youth Service in Wales : Labour Manifesto Meetings

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Message from Pete Sims

 Please see below. You will see that the Labour Party are currently consulting to include (or not) the Youth Service as a protected service in the Welsh Policy Manifesto. Therefore, if you live in Wales or know anyone that does, I urge you to please contact your CLP’s, MP’s etc to have your views heard and increase the pressure in Wales to protect this vital service. The meeting below is just an example of  CLP policy meetings being held across Wales. It is the second question that obviously refers to our work. I am obviously making my voice and opinions heard.

Dear Friend,


Saturday 3 October 2015, Sir Owen Thomas Community Room, Holyhead

10.00 am (for coffee and croissants!!!), 10.30 am (discussions start)

Come along and let us know what you think about some key proposals which are likely to feature in Welsh Labour’s manifesto. Here are some of the issues that were raised during the recent Welsh Labour consultation, and to which we hope to contribute:

How important is it that we introduce a strong ethical dimension for businesses looking to win contracts with the public sector in Wales? Should apprenticeship guarantees be included? Local social responsibility? What do you think?
Should the Youth Service be included within the “protected” Education budget in Wales to give young people the right balance between formal and social education?
“Workfare” programmes are unlikely to be devolved to Wales in the near future. What policies could the next Welsh Labour Government introduce which would mitigate the adverse impacts of “workfare” under the Westminster Government’s welfare reforms?
What can we do to avoid paying excessive fees to Teacher Supply Agencies and to improve the workings of the Supply Teacher system?

We also aim to look at some of the key issues raised recently. See here

Looking forward to hearing your ideas on the 3rd!

Best wishes,

David Phillips

CLP Policy Officer

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