BOUNDARIES : Call for Papers and Presentations

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Call for Papers/Presentations of 15 minutes;
Workshop suggestions;
Posters/Visual Presentations

Interrogating the boundaries of childhood studies and youth studies: Themes, debates and controversies in research and practice
9 March 2016
10.30am –5.00pm
University of Huddersfield

This seminar offers a platform for early career and established researchers and practitioners to discuss the nature and relevance of the boundaries between childhood studies and youth studies. The event will feature a panel debate on key issues and priorities driving developments in these areas of work, exploring their intersections, complementarities and tensions.

Alongside the debate there will be round table presentations and multimedia contributions invited through this open call. Subjects for discussion could include:
•At what points are babies children, children young people, and young people adults
•Stereotypical presentations of toddlers, tweenies and teens
•Measurement and goals in childhood and youth
•Policy and frameworks for enquiry
•Pedagogies in work with children and young people
•Participation and the voice of children and young people

Papers/Presentations of 15 minutes; Workshop suggestions; Posters/Visual Presentations are invited on the above or other related topics by February 1st2016. Please email abstracts to Janet Batsleer and James Reid

Book your place at the event online below:
British Educational Research Association, 9-11 Endsleigh Gardens, London, WC1H OEH; Charity No. 1150237; Phone: 020 7331 5217; Email:


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