New Youth Work Charter for Wales

Posts have been sparse this last week as I’ve been away, partly to discuss a chapter on the impact of neo-liberal ideology on English Youth Work I’m co-writing [more news soon]. However you will notice the restricted emphasis on England, which flows from a recognition that the situation in other parts of the UK differs. In this context see this statement from the Welsh government.



New youth work charter will support young people in Wales

The new Wales Charter for Youth Work has been developed by the Welsh Government  to ensure a national approach to Youth Work, and will see  young people  in all areas of Wales being able to access a similar level of youth work provision.

The Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology launched the new Charter at the Together for Young People Conference in Cardiff. She said:

“Quality youth work has the potential to enrich the lives of our young people, both through the experiences it opens up for them and the support it offers. However cuts to funding are jeopardising the future of youth work provision in Wales.

“I want to see youth work continuing to play its part in supporting our young people to remain in education, training and employment,  in promoting their health and well being,  and in encouraging them to participate in their communities and within civic life.

“Through the Wales Charter for Youth Work we are setting out our minimum expectations for youth work, and a standard that should be adhered to right across Wales.

“This will require changes  to the current system and a driven and joined up approach, but ultimately we must deliver a service that supports our young  people and helps them to build the bright futures that they deserve.”

The Wales Charter for Youth Work will mean all young people in Wales  are entitled to easy access to:

  • Safe, warm, well-equipped meeting places that provide opportunities for arts and sport activities  and new experiences
  • Opportunities to take part in outdoor adventure and in residential and international experiences
  • Opportunities to participate in decision-making via informal and formal structures for youth engagement locally and nationally (e.g. young mayors, youth councils and Senedd).
  • Information, guidance and support on issues including employment, housing and  mental well-being that can be accessed  through digital media and via trusted and trained adults.
  • Encouragement to learn more about their own culture and the cultures of other people.
  • Co-ordinated provision by youth workers in all secondary schools and colleges
  • Opportunities to be civic activists e.g. by volunteering.
  • Recognition and /or accreditation for their achievements in personal and social development both in schools and colleges and in the community.

Thanks to Tom Wylie for the link.

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