Post-Truth IDYW Seasonal Greetings

This week my intention was to post a piece on fake news and the supposed post-truth world and its possible relevance to youth work. Perhaps I was in mind of a Tory Minister for Youth, a member of the government of austerity and cuts, claiming he wants young people to be involved in ‘building a society for everyone’. No matter, family illness and obligations have scuppered my intentions. It will have to wait awhile, alongside a desire to scribble something about a divided youth work sector. As you can see I’m in a jovial mood.

Hence, at this moment I wish simply to send IDYW ‘s seasonal greetings to all its readers, supporters and critics. Amidst the turmoil besetting the world I hope you’ll create a loving  space, within which to be with your nearest and dearest. And then with renewed strength face the question of ‘what is to be done?’.

Meanwhile, in a pluralist spirit, two anthems bearing the same title, the first doubtful, the second confident – HALLELUJAH.

Tomorrow in our village there’s an informal gathering in which the Greek Orthodox and Protestant traditions will share their carols and traditional snacks. Our tribe of agnostics and atheists will muck in and see if we can’t sneak in the ‘Internationale’.  Despite its age and history  the message of solidarity , of speaking truth to and acting against power, retains all its relevance. Here’s Pete Seeger’s gentle version.

“Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live.” -Pete Seeger



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