International Women’s Day – The Struggle is far, far from over

On International Women’s Day it is deeply sobering to register that this weekend Mexican women will launch in the face of femicide their latest acts of dissent: a nationwide rally on Sunday and a potentially historic 24-hour women’s strike on Monday in which upwards of 20 million Mexican women are expected to take part by staying at home.

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See the following report from the Observer

This is our feminist spring’: millions of Mexican women prepare to strike over femicides. As the country grapples with a worsening crisis, the revolt among a new generation of feminists is picking up steam: ‘It’s our last resort’

Dalilah Loza is 15 and dreams of being an orthodontist, or an economist – perhaps even a photographer.

But most of all she wants to be the voice of her mother.

“I’m the only one who can speak for her now. I’m her daughter. I’m the only one who really cares,” said the teenager, whose 33-year-old mother was murdered at their home in Tijuana last September in front of Dalilah and her baby brother.

Before last month Dalilah had never taken part in a political protest.

See this piece from the Los Angeles Times

In Mexico, International Women’s Day puts a spotlight on femicide.

And at Open Democracy

Mexican women plan historic strike against femicides

Millions of people are being called to join the country’s first all-women labour strike, to demand government action against gender-based violence. (En Español)

“That is the first step, to show this outrage, this indignation, this anger and that we are not willing to continue doing nothing.”

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