Further to the previous post, Thinking About the Past, Present and Future of IDYW. which hoped that the IDYW baton would be taken up, see this welcome initiative in the New Year.

New Year Revolutions
Youth Centre,
64 Edward St, Brighton BN2 0JR

Youth work Pasts – Pre-event Mystery social
Thursday 19th January 7pm – late – informal Youth Work conversations

Youth Work Futures – Networking Day main event
Friday 20th January 11- 4pm

For all youth workers and those with an interest in youth work- a trip to the seaside to convene, build community, open dialogue, and think about youth work pasts and futures.

What is valued and do we value about youth work?
What spaces do we need to share and develop practice and dialogue?
How do our histories help and hinder imagining youth work futures?
How do we get active and imagine otherwise about creative practice/praxis?
How do we support one another in a cold climate?
What challenges are faced and how can we creatively respond?
How to shift agendas to think anew about politics and practice?
What are our future training needs?
How to build on past anti-sexist youth work in thinking in new ways about gender?
Anything else that inspires you?

Presentations and workshops from:

Janet Batsleer
Tania de St Croix
Mike Roe ( Brighton Youth Centre)
Mike Seal (TAG: PALYCW)
Fin Cullen
Tom Goulden

Register your details here by 12th January 2023:

Contact for more information and/or details of affordable accommodation if staying over.

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