Victory in Oxfordshire,but the Fight continues

Doug Nicholls reports that:

Campaigning by Unite/CYWU led to great public outcry in Oxfordshire when people realised that the Conservative Council was proposing a cut of £2.3 million to youth work across the County. Determined opposition means that this proposal has now been withdrawn. Unite/CYWU members in the Council are delighted with the victory, but they are maintaining a work to rule and  a preparedness for strike action against attempts to reduce youth mentoring services and to attack JNC terms and conditions in that part of the service.

It shows the simple truth that where we are united and strong, youth work is defended the best.

Also, youth workers in Coventry are entering their eighth week of industrial action next week with an escalation of action and a strike day on 12th January.

Successes are few and far between. So this is certainly cause for cautious celebration.

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