International Solidarity with Oxfordshire

Thanks to Julie Simmons for the photos of yesterday’s protest in Witney and Francesco d’Oliveira Raposo for his message of solidarity from Portugal.

Dear brothers and Sister of Unite

I had notice about your strike action today against the closure of all Youth Centres in Oxfordshire.

I’m send you my personal solidarity as I’m sure that struggle is the way.

When you take action you defend also the right of Youth to have adequate public services.

In Lisbon Council, due a reorganization, the Youth Department had also close some of the already few Youth Centres.

More and more the attacks on working class are the same in UK, Portugal and elsewhere in Europe and World.

Therefore we, workers, need more and more international solidarity and joint action to defend our rights and our future.

Your in Solidarity

Francisco d’Oliveira Raposo

EC of STML – Lisbon Council Workers Union, Portugal

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