IDYW November Steering Group Notes

Not the most exciting post ever, but find link to the notes of November’s Steering Group notes. We are bothered that we’ve got lax about making these available. The major decision is to pursue using the book and DVD as a tool in proposed workshops across the country.


  1. The Winter Strategy

In terms of how we are going to utilise the book it was suggested that there are at least three target groups:

  • Other professionals, workers and volunteers, especially given multi-agency teams. We are designing a workshop to this end, which will be piloted before Xmas.
  • Youth workers on the ground in or close to their workplaces. This feels difficult, especially as we seem to have few sympathetic voices inside of today’s management structures.
  • Students and workers through our contacts and supporters within the Training Agencies We looked at the range of our contacts and identified these initial possibilities: North-East via Don, Sarah Banks, Jean Spence, Tony Jeffs; North-West via Janet Batsleer, Raj Patel; North and West Yorkshire via Jean Hatton, Graham Griffiths; South Yorkshire/East Midlands via Sue Atkins, Steve Monaghan, Mary Tyler; West Midlands via Pauline Grace, John Holmes; Oxfordshire/East Anglia via Steph Green, Muhammad Khan; London and South-East via Malcolm, Kalbir Shukra, Michael Whelan; South-West via Jon Ord. This is not exhaustive and signals simply the number of possibilities before us. We are looking to design an (adaptable) model workshop. Bernard to convene a working group to look at moving this forward. Sue will look at whether there is a small budget to cover expenses for the working group.

We discussed a future stage at which we would pursue workshops encouraging the production of further stories of practice, but this will have to wait – given our resources. The process of writing, reflecting and revising would-be stories needs time.

In terms of the Book/DVD itself Sue to approach UNISON about how many more we might procure for our own use. Need to get a final version of the BOOK IN BRIEF to put on the web site.

Tony to look at making access to the book pdf more obvious on the web site.


We would welcome supporters getting in touch , who are interested in hosting and organising a workshop. As you can see we felt fragile about gaining access into workplace groups, so any openings in this area would be greatly appreciated. And, of course it may well be that workers will need to meet outside of work time. Get in touch with Tony at in the first instance.
Full Steering Group notes here

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