Theresa May upstaged by Ed, the friend of youth!

Theresa May to review stop and search in wake of Reading the Riots study | UK news |

More interesting than the headline is Ed Miliband’s resurrection of the Holy Grail of Youth Work, a statutory Youth Service.  This is going to get some folk very excited. Calls to include the commitment in the Manifesto etc…

It begs the question of New Labour’s leading role in reducing youth work to no more than ‘positive activities’ and its focus on targeted early intervention – none of these the fevered creations of the Coalition’s dearth of imagination. It demands, at the very least , a Labour Party Working Group that engages seriously with young people and youth workers about what we mean by the Youth Service. And as a first step, as Seema Chandwani suggests, Ed ought to pressure Labour councils to refuse the implementation of cuts and commissioning. The trouble is that most of them have swallowed whole the market-driven agenda.

Whatever, Miliband’s proposal opens potentially a new front in the defence of democratic youth work.  Your thoughts welcomed.

HOT OFF THE PRESS : Seema Chandwani, who was at the conference, asks if there is a substance to Miliband’s reference to the statutory and his response to Abeer, a young person from Tottenham?

Statutory Substance..?


  1. Glad this lifted your spirits. Being a weary soul, the notes jangled for me. I spent too much time in the past wrestling with Labour’s lost soul. As ever happy to be proved wrong. Hope springs eternally watchful.

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