Late Notice : Political Conferences, London, January 7

Late notice of two differing political conferences in London tomorrow.

PCS Left Unity National Committee



Organising Conference Saturday: Friends Meeting House

(opp. Euston Station) 7th January 2012 11am – 4pm

The PCS Left Unity National Committee invites all activists from all unions to an organising conference on the 7th of January to debate how we can build the campaign to defend our pensions and fight the cuts and prevent any unacceptable “deal” that makes us work longer, pay more and get less.

Further info JANUARY 7th 2012 Conference Notice AGENDA

ALARM Conference
Saturday 7th January 2012 10am-5pm
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL

You are cordially invited to a one day London anarchist conference hosted by Alarm at Conway Hall on Saturday 7th January 10am-5pm. The past twelve months have seen the political situation of the UK and London develop rapidly. This is only the beginning of a turbulent economic and social situation. We hope that this conference can give us a space as anarchists to reflect back on as well as look forward to fighting the class war that is currently being waged. We are hosting this conference in a comradely and constructive fashion and invite all those from the many headed hydra of anarchism and libertarianism to come together under the banners of mutual aid and solidarity.

(1) Community and Workplace Organising 11:00am
Discussing strengthening the two key fundamental bases of organising.
How can we build community groups in every borough?
How can we support militant work place struggles?

(2) The Riots and New Movements 01:00pm
Reflecting on key developments in 2011.
Why did the UK explode into four days of unprecedented rioting?
How has the emergence of new movements changed the political terrain?

(3) Total Policing and the Future 03:00pm
Looking forward to the future we aim to discuss clear strategies to pursue over 2012.
What is the state’s strategy in attempting to silence dissent?
What are to be the tactics for a future street based movement?

Further info at Sound the Alarm

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