Replication in Action Programme : WHAT?

Fair enough I do put up some less than immediately riveting posts. Although, of course, I believe they are worthy of your attention and indulgence. But, come on, have I ever posted anything less likely to excite you than the latest on the NCVYS site?

Catalyst enters the new year offering another fantastic opportunity for its member networks:

Replication in Action Programme

This is an intensive programme over a nine month period which encourages growth amongst Youth organisations/enterprises through developing appropriate business models for replication. The programme consists of a series of workshops, master classes and expert coaching which supports youth organisations to:

  • make an informed assessment as to whether or not franchising/licensing is the most appropriate model for growing their organisations, and if this is the case,
  • develop a pilot franchise or licence package

A Replication in Action awareness event will be taking place on 26th January providing further information and insight into the content of the programme. To attend this event please complete the Social Franchising Suitability Matrix and return to by Monday 16th January to book your place at the event. To apply for the programme, please read the information pack before completing the application form, and return to the previously stated email address.

Without further comment – Replication in Action Awareness ! – it speaks volumes for where the voluntary youth sector is heading.

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