The FT announces a Crisis of Capitalism!?

I’m in the midst of taking a breath after two challenging IDYW seminars, accompanied by frenetic and accident-prone travelling. A missed last bus and an 8 mile walk in icy drizzle sums up my ineptitude! Looking back it is clear that our discussions on both days took place against a backcloth of economic and political crisis. Talk of the market and of capitalism wriggled in and out of our critical conversations. Such a focus is not at all the obsession of  left-wing dissidents or indeed the contemporary Occupy movement. It is the deep concern of the mainstream.

Thus, while I am knocking together provisional thoughts on the themes of our seminars. I’m posting a video of Paul Mason from Newsnight, musing on the changing character of politics today and the role of social networking, particularly relevant in terms of young people’s grasp of ‘what’s kicking off’, plus a couple of reviews of Paul’s latest book and for the diligent a link to reading Marx’s Das Kapital via a series of videos created by David Harvey. Anyone pursuing the latter will be awarded a specially struck medal, which is not really in order, as Harvey has a serious crack at peeling away the layers of crap surrounding political economy. He shows that we can all understand how the capitalist economy works ; that this knowledge is not the special property of a super breed of supposed ‘scientists’. Believe me, have a butcher’s.

Reviews of Paul Mason’s, Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere

Charting the Way Forward in Revolutionary Times

Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere by Paul Mason – review

History in the making

And for the curious and inquisitive, Reading Capital, 1 and 2 – David Harvey.

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