One of the positive consequences of publishing our book/DVD, This is Youth Work has been a surge of interest in organising workshops to explore its content and the process through which it emerged. Already sessions have taken place  in Huddersfield, Medway and Ealing with significant success, At this moment our primary target groups are students and practitioners, but we are looking to focus also on the trade unions, politicians and funders in the near future. In addition some events are less about the book itself and more about the Campaign and the present state of youth work under the Coalition. Through till Easter the following gatherings and workshops are in the diary.

3 Feb, 10 – 12, Coventry University, ‘An update on In Defence of
Youth Work and a critique of Positive for Youth’ (Richard Crossman Building, Jordan Well, Room RC301)

29 Feb, 1pm- 4pm : ‘This is Youth Work’ workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University, Didsbury Campus, M20 2RR: (Behrens 0.0). Sandwich lunch from 12.30p.m.(Contact: Katherine Roycroft:

Further ‘This is Youth Work’ workshops ( more info and details re contacts etc to follow)

8 March, Time to be confirmed, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH,

20 March, 1pm – 4pm, University College St Mark & St John, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BH. Contact Jon Ord at

27 March, Time to be confirmed, Newman University College, Genners Lane, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 3NT

30 March, Liverpool, 10am – 1pm, venue to be confirmed.

Other March dates in the offing at the University of East London, whilst  matters are in hand to hold workshops in the North-East and South Yorkshire before Easter. We entertain hopes too that meetings will be forthcoming in Wales and Scotland.

We should thank supporters and friends in TAG, who are assisting and hosting these initiatives. We are aware too that several lecturers are utilising the book within modules on youth and community work training courses and we would love to hear how this is going.

For further information and/or to get in touch about running workshops with your students, in your teams, contact first of all Tony at He has now got to a mixture of delight and dismay an Android smartphone –  so you might even catch him when he’s in the mountains on his bike!

Ta as ever to Jethro Brice for the illustration.

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