Responding to the post on Positive for Youth Steve Monaghan ponders his options.

As a long in the tooth operator I am fluid in my response to circumstances as I see them.

I draw on a range of opinion, although many would characterise me as having a utopian and leftist bent, to seek a way forward.

The staples of my life being work, play and occasional rest. My work being in the public sector, youth work, work with young people with a pro-democratic bent. My play being sport, running, latterly triathlon, watching footy nufc but all as a front to listen and chat to people about the Crisis of Capitalism. The very thing that supplies my staples.

How can you think about, discuss and criticise the hand that feeds you ?

Because the other option is to ignore it at your peril ! (or just have fun and hope or pray your fate is good).

In Paul Mason`s `Why is it kicking off everywhere?` he suggests the link between Arab Spring and Social Media is particularly Young People recognising that the staples are not being guaranteed by the system i.e. Capitalism. So, an education = a (good) job = good income = home – is no longer true. He suggests that the responses are tending to be fuelled by social media but not driven by social media. He suggests the responses are different but essentially individual and humanist not leftist. He suggests that the rich countries will have to take away minimum standards (wage) in order to support the systems recovery.

In Tony Taylor`s Delusion Dressed as Vision – P4Y he suggests the die is cast for youth work. The introduction of the market via `new` players such as Catalyst seems to be an inevitable consequence and we should be critical. He wonders how this late arrival of market capitalism can succeed when globally it is `clear` it has failed a whole generation of young people.

To engage with this dilemma can leave you feeling `depressed` , with a sense of loss and no hope. Thus when thrown a lifeline – social enterprise – it seems the only option. It may be an option but is it really the only one ? The current Derbyshire experience is offering this very lifeline. It seems I will be part of it, for now, but do I agree with it ? Can I practically be doing marketing capitalism whilst theoretically disagreeing with its `greatness` ?

To be continued …….

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  1. Tony Taylor says:

    I’m going to have to fork out and get a CYPN subscription. The present issue carries an article, Bang for the Buck.

    Social investment is set to become a growing source of finance for public projects. Ravi Chandiramani examines how it works, the principal challenges and how the children’s sector could reap the benefits.

    Anyone read it?

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