An outcomes framework for young people's services | The Young Foundation

I’m posting this link in some haste and with some frustration. The Young Foundation on behalf of Catalyst has issued the final draft of an outcomes framework.

An outcomes framework for young people’s services

Services for young people are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the difference that they make, and articulate the value that they produce for young people and for society more broadly. The youth sector has powerful examples of the impact of its work on individual young people, but struggles to provide ‘harder’ quantitative evidence.

The Outcomes Framework seeks to address the key challenges in measuring the impact of services for young people.

The Framework is designed to support understanding and measurement of the connections between intrinsic personal and social development outcomes and longer-term extrinsic outcomes. The Framework:

  • Proposes a model of seven interlinked clusters of social and emotional capabilities that are of value to all young people, supported by a strong evidence base demonstrating the links to longer-term outcomes.
  • Sets out a matrix of available tools to measure these capabilities, outlining which capabilities they cover, and key criteria such as their cost and the number of users.

The Framework is being made available as a final draft, and we are keen to receive feedback to shape the final document, which will be published in April. We would be particularly interested to hear responses to the following questions:

  • Do the key messages of the Framework resonate with you?
  • Who do you feel would be the key audience for the framework? (Commissioners, providers, managers?) Who would you recommend reads it?
  • How do you think the framework might be used?
  • Does the approach set out in the Framework represent a significant change to your current way of working? In what way?
  • What do you feel are the main opportunities and challenges of such an approach?
  • Do you feel clear about the practical steps in taking forward the approach set out in the Framework?
  • Do you feel that you or your service would benefit from (additional) support around impact and outcomes? What types(s) of support is/are needed?
  • What else is needed to make the Framework ‘useful’, going forward?


However in order to respond by March 31 you will have to find time to engage with the 52 pages of the framework itself and a matrix of tools. Given that the most important target group are practitioners, who are up to their necks in the mire, how realistic, indeed serious is a deadline of March 31!

An outcomes framework for young people’s services | The Young Foundation.

One comment

  1. Interesting. Need time to read it properly, but at first glance, complicated, and wondering how will it work in practice? Will workers be expected to produce some level of ‘case notes’ for each young person, or those involved in targeted projects.

    I guess bottom line is does it provide a useful tool for measuring successful youth work in what might be called more traditional definitions, or does it provide a useful tool for measuring success in the Government’s definition of youth work? If not the first, do we have or need an alternative? If it does the second, is it pragmatic to ensure it becomes something usable?

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