We’re on the road this next week with IDYW events in Newcastle on Monday, in London on Thursday and Manchester on Friday – all in one way or another facing up to the implications of the rule of the Market. If you are still weighing up whether you can make it, I will still be accessible on tonymtaylor@gmail.com.

I’ll try to remember to take some photographs and there is the prospect that I might tweet from the events, but I can’t promise! Feels a bit bizarre!

There is a lot of material to post so watch out from next weekend – stuff on climate change and young people; on young people and the Olympics; on young people’s treatment at work via Paris-Match ; and much more.

I’ll leave you with this revised version of ‘Gee Officer Krupke’ from West Side Story, created after the recent infamous activities of the Deputy Inspector of the New York Police, Edward J. Winski at the Occupy New York anniversary march.

Dedicated to Occupy’s favourite perpetrator of police brutality and squasher of dissent. Deputy Inspector Edward J. Winski.

The lyrics are here.

I reckon Lenny Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim might well approve.

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