The slippery slope of social enterprise


Over the next few days and possibly weeks we’ll post contributions from our week of seminars, which focused on what we’ve dubbed the Drive to the Market. To set the ball rolling here is the Power Point presentation made by James Beecher from Stroud Against the Cuts.  In truth this succession of bullet points does not do justice to the challenging clarity of James’ argument. We were all impressed by an economist, who didn’t mystify economics and who is in the midst of effective political action. Hopefully we will fill out James’ bullet points in ensuing posts. To state the obvious, social enterprise needs to be a contested notion. As things stand it is dressed up, as it suits, usually by men or indeed women in suits, to mask all manner of sins.

The Drive to Market & Resistance – James Beechey

In addition the following articles by Caroline Molloy, a fellow campaigner fill out the detail of how the Gloucestershire objection to the privatisation of the NHS has stopped the process in its tracks. What might be some lessons for the world of youth work?

A Glimmer of Hope?

Campaign Guide



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