Gaining Power – Challenges Facing Activists – NATCAN/NCIA Conference, July 19

News from NatCan and NCIA about their forthcoming joint conference.











London Calling!!!!!  The NatCAN and NCIA Conference comes to London!

Gaining Power- Challenges Facing Activists

19th July 2012 – 10.00am – 4.00pm

The venue for this event is Resource For London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

We are delighted to confirm that the next NatCAN conference will be held in London for the first time and we hope that you will be there to join us.

The day will look at the issues close to our hearts and give real accounts of work across the country that has made a real difference to communities. We will be providing lots of time to take part in discussions with others, as requested by members of NatCAN.

What will the day offer?

The keynote speech will be given by A World To Win 

They will be giving a fascinating insight into global capitalism, growing inequality and poverty. The debate will then be handed over to the delegates to discuss further. The afternoon will target  grass-roots problems and issues that affect us all in our communities. It will be a day with something for every activist to give opinions on and look at ways forward.

Activists needed. 

In the meantime please read this request from Penny at NCIA as you could take part in an essential piece of research NCIA are looking to do over the coming months and of course tell us your experiences at the conference:-

Is this you? Trying to get the council and landlords to improve local housing? Resisting, yet another, TESCO in your area or other damaging planning applications? Tackling the crap Housing Benefit Service and Job Centre? Despair about poor care and facilities for older people (or others who depend on good local services) and wonder just what to do about it? Fed up with the rum deal that kids get at local schools and looking for others who might do something about it? Active in the local anti-cuts group?

If you’re involved in taking action on issues affecting local people in your area, want to share tactics with others or find out how to get help to keep you going, then this event is for you! Enrol HERE….

Penny at NCIA wants to hear from you about where you get support in your campaigns – from fellow activists? From a local network? From on-line contacts? Tell us what makes the difference, so we can spread the word to others looking for support.

So what do you do the attend this event?

Well its a free event, but you do need to enrol on the NatCAN website.Click on this link to attend. We will keep you updated as we confirm speakers and have further information.

Please keep telling us your thoughts on the day and keep checking the updates as we add more information about the day. We look forward to seeing in London and help us to make this a worthwhile day to remember.

Your NatCAN Team

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