Boy Scouts of America affirm ban on gay members and volunteers, not to mention atheists and agnostics!


Forgive my ignorance I hadn’t realised that the Boy Scouts of America is homophobic. Following  a two year review it has unanimously agreed to uphold a ban that prevents “open or avowed” gay people from being part of the youth organization. Agnostics and atheists are also excluded. Created in 1910 it has more than 2,720,000 youth members and more than 1 million adult members. Not small fry, by any means. It is difficult to separate this decision from the overwhelming preponderance of Christian organisations in its make-up. Is there any chance that the Scout Movement or indeed leading Christian youth  groups in the UK will condemn this decision?

Top 10 Chartered Organizations associated with the Boy Scouts of America, by Total Youth[47]
Name of Organization Total Units Total Yout
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 37928 412720
United Methodist Church 11287 371499
Catholic Church 8795 286733
Parent-teacher groups other than PTAs 4039 160007
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 3714 126969
Lutheranism 4030 121096
Groups of Citizens 3782 110248
Baptists 4282 108435
Private schools 2975 97869
Parent-Teacher Association/Parent Teacher Organization 1775 72321

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  1. As a Christian myself, I am really surprised to discover this especially after the recent political support for gay marriage from President Obama and others. I understand there is a big difference of opinion around homosexuality within the church which is complex, but I would hope (and expect) a spirit of tolerance towards gay people regardless of religious belief. Banning them (and atheists, agnostics, etc) from such a large youth organisation is not only discriminatory, but also judgemental – something which Jesus himself seemed to stand against.

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