Practising ‘otherwise’ : Exploring the necessity and (im)possibility of being a critical youth worker

Fresh notice of a great opportunity to take a breath about your practice. Of course your enlightened management committed to empowerment and social justice will be only too keen for you to take up this unusual ‘developmental opportunity’.

Practising ‘otherwise’:
Exploring the necessity and (im)possibility of being a critical youth worker
Monday 3rd September 2012 University of Manchester
This event is free to attend

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A multi‐disciplinary BERA Youth Studies and Informal Education SIG day conference

At a time of deepening social injustice for young people, this conference is about the particular tensions of this moment of neo-liberal and neo-conservative dominance in which the need for youth work concerned with social justice is clear, but enacting such commitments in practice often seems impossible.

9.15‐45 Registration and coffee
9.45‐10am – Welcome and Introduction
Janet Batsleer and Ian McGimpsey

10 ‐ 11.00am ‐ Key note address and questions
Helen Colley, Professor of Lifelong Learning, University of Huddersfield

11.00 – 11.45pm – Session one: Youth worker identity / subjectivity
Politics of Being: Resistance and Resilience in Youth Work Practice ‐ Richard McHugh, MMU
(in)Formal education for informal educators: Exploring learner identities in a professional youth work training course ‐ Fin Cullen, Lecturer at the Centre for Youth Work Studies, Brunel University

11.45 – 12.30pm – Session two: Possibilities of youth work focussed on gender and sexuality
Exploring young women’s resilience through prescribed contraception use ‐ Alison Ronan, Institute of Eduction & Ali Hanbury, Lancaster University
Lessons from the Past: contemporary implications from the legacy of Section 28 – Jan Huyton, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Metropolitan University & John Bond, youth work practitioner

12.30‐1.30pm ‐ lunch

1.30 – 2.15pm – Session three: Conceptualising the regulation of ‘youth services’
Neo‐liberal Youth Work: An Ethical Cleansing – Rajesh Patel, Programme Leader, BA Youth and Community Work, Liverpool John Moores University
A different room: using assemblage theory to conceptualise possibilities in youth work ‐ Ian McGimpsey, PGR student, Institute of Education

2.15 – 3.00 ‐ Session four: Practising critical youth work
It ain’t what we do, or the way that we do it….it’s why that brings results! ‐ Annette Coburn, Lecturer in Community Education, University of Strathclyde
Collective resistance: Signs of hope for critical youth work ‐ Tania de St Croix, Voice of Youth and PGR student, King’s College London

3.00 – 3.15 Coffee

3.15 ‐ 4pm Discussion session
Summary and facilitation ‐ Janet Batsleer


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