A Future that Works : A March that Doesn't? : TUC Demo and Beyond, October 20

Back in March 2011 over half a million marched through the streets of London – a tidal wave of humanity desiring a better world. Eighteen months later another TUC demo is about to take place. It might well be an anti-climax. I’ve spoken this last weekend to young people, who , full of enthusiasm, boarded coaches to the metropolis last year. In 2012 they’re not so keen.  They ask, ‘what good did it do?’

It would be illuminating to hear other views from youth workers and young people, who do think it’s worth turning up.

As ever whatever the crack it’s heartening to meet old and make new friends. As an antidote to the emphasis in youth participation on either youth experts/entrepreneurs or the mimicking of youth MP’s, you might visit the World to Win stall near to the bandstand in Hyde Park. Look out for the Build People’s Assemblies flags – collective democracy as opposed to the world of pseudo-representative individual lobbying.

And as for the fight against austerity, what do you reckon to this cartoon by Leon Kuhn?

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