2013 Youth & Policy 'History of Youth and Community Conference' : Always a Grand 'Do'!

History conference 2011


Welcome news from the Y&P Editorial Board.

History of Youth and Community Conference 8th -10th March 2013

We are delighted to report that the next History of Youth and Community Work Conference will be taking place at the Hinsley Hall, Leeds in March 2013. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us at the seventh History of Youth and Community Work Study Conference organized by the Editorial Board of the Journal Youth and Policy. This like the others is run on a non-profit basis and despite higher residential costs we have managed to avoid any increase in the price for the third time on the trot.

As with the earlier gatherings it will include a mix of plenary sessions, workshops and ‘surprise’ events. Amongst the plenary speakers will be John Coleman, founder of the Trust for the Study of Adolescence who now teaches at Oxford University and is a member of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Bedfordshire. He has written widely on the nature of adolescence and will be talking on the historical origins and development of this concept. A second plenary speaker will be Graham Crow from the University of Southampton a much published author he will be talking on ‘Social solidarity and the dream of community’. To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Lily Montagu the pioneer of girls’ and mixed clubs Jean Spence from Durham University will be speaking on her life and contribution.

All delegates will receive a complimentary copy of the forthcoming Essays on the History of Community and Youth Work being published by Russell House in 2013, price £24.99.

For further information please contact Tracey at  conferences@youthandpolicy.org 

Tracey Hodgson and Tony Jeffs

History Conference 2013 form & information

As we have noted we intend to hold a national IDYW conference on the Friday, March 8 somewhere mysterious in Leeds. Could be quite a weekend!


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