When the People decided that Enough was Enough!!?

It’s New Year’s Eve and IDYW is back on the net after attempts to stifle its alternative voice. OK – that’s more than a touch paranoid and conspiratorial! In truth damp had entered the works and rusted our connection. Newly wired we’re feeling electric with optimism. And if you can’t be wishful on New Year’s Eve when can you be?

Thus we welcome A World to Win’s New Year message, which begins:

LONG AGO society was being overwhelmed by a series of catastrophes to which there seemed no answers. Unemployment, poverty and inequality were rife as a global crisis took hold. The old capitalist economic system had run its course and was unsustainable.

The world was choked with products, many of them out of date as soon as they came off the production lines. Huge dumps and rubbish piles accumulated and overwhelmed parts of the planet. Waste, some of it lethal, became big business as it was shipped across the globe.

People became poorer as they lost jobs and services were cut by undemocratic governments in the pockets of the corporations. Increasing numbers depended on charity food banks just to survive. Obesity and diabetes epidemics affected the poor – due to the marketing of junk food by agribusiness and supermarkets.

As ordinary people fell into deeper debt and could not afford high rents and mortgages, they saw their government continue to hand over hand vast amounts of public money to bankers and financiers. Britain’s debts continued to rise at every level as the global money markets and speculators ruled the roost. The ConDem coalition blamed the people and said they had to tighten their belts for another five years.

Floods swept Britain for an entire year as extreme weather resulted from climate change. Green belt areas, parks and woods were ruined, as property speculators ran rampant. On the global scale, ecological disasters mounted. Air pollution due to carbon emissions together with rainforest clearing increased icecap meltdown at a rate that outpaced scientific predictions.

By 2012, parliament as a representative, democratic law-making body had become discredited. Corrupt collusion between media, parliament and the police was exposed and people stopped trusting those in power. Large numbers of people refused to vote in elections. Top state institutions – the BBC and the Church of England – were riddled with crises. The Trade Union Congress organised a protest against government cuts, but people had clearly lost confidence in its feeble bleating.

Further on it continues:

In 2013, people realised that the political system, the institutions of the state, had become a brake on the aspirations of those it ruled over. A fundamental transition to greater democracy was needed.

Read where this all ends at when the people decided that enough was enough, wonder and raise a glass to an equal, just and democratic future.

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