A Matter of Urgency? Choose Youth AGM, February 6

Back before Xmas we posted the latest draft of a possible Manifesto for the Choose Youth Alliance. It was followed by a cautious response from Bernard Davies, supported in a comment by Tom Wylie. However things are moving on and for Doug Nicholls, ‘time is not on our side’.

Thus we attach the calling notice for the first formal Choose Youth AGM to be held in London on Wednesday, February 6, within which Doug stresses the urgency of the situation, together with a further draft of a would-be Manifesto.

Calling Notice Choose Youth AGM

Choose Youth Manifesto – draft 4, January 2013

As ever we urge our readers and supporters to enter the debate. We will be revisiting the issues at a steering group next week, probably Friday, January 25. Our initial reaction remains the same. We believe strongly that  our proposal for an open and pluralist conference, which has been on the table now for over a year, marks the best way forward. Our suggestion does not have to hold up matters for long. Given some energy and commitment  such an event, free from corporate frills, low-cost and accessible, could be organised before Easter. We think an honest exchange of views across the divisions within our work is a prerequisite to the possibility of a collective perspective – which might then take the form of a manifesto.

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