The Careers Service died long ago, yet the cry is for a Careers Service!?

Some of us remember the time when there was a dedicated Careers Service for Young People. In drawing our attention to the belated recognition by MP’s that careers advice and support is lamentable, Sue Atkins comments:

This seems to provide a  warning to all of us.

We start with a Careers Service  delivered by Education Departments all over the country, complete with qualified Vocational Guidance  workers supported by information and  advice materials and  staff, working in co-operation with Careers teachers in schools and colleges and indeed youth workers.   SO first move, privatise the service  and then later on merge it with other services and call it something different like Connexions!   Then cut the budgets. After which  as a cheaper option invent an online service. Then pass on to schools the responsibility with no extra money.  And finally  ask young people if they are getting what they need and – surprise,  surprise –  they say NO .
And Alyssa Cowell has just chipped in to say and Sue missed the bit about ”sell online & phone support to SERCO and pay unqualified agency workers £7.70 an hour and call it the national careers service!”

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