Take a Break, then Start Blogging! Enjoy Easter!

We’ve more than a few questions and dilemmas to share, but we’ll go slow over the next few days, hoping you might be pinching a few days’ break. As you relax you might care to contemplate Matt Lent’s appeal.

Why Youth Workers Should Blog

For my part I suspect I’ve thought something similar for many a year, long before blogging entered the dictionary. Whether I’ve been the editor of the trade union  or Youth Service newsletter or indeed co-ordinator of this web site today, I’ve longed for, prayed for contributions to put me out of my isolated misery. It’s difficult to articulate the joy I feel when someone responds to a post or, marvel of marvels, sends in a link,  a video or, most precious of all, initiates a discussion. Of course, see Matt’s blog, the reasons for folk not contributing are varied and understandable. The one thing I would add is that if you do shake off the shackles and blog [or its equivalent] you will put a smile on the faces of people you don’t know, glad that you made them think.

As for now, seeing Greek Easter is five weeks away – the vagaries of differing Christian calendars – I’d almost overlooked today is Good Friday. Memories in the North of England, at least, that the chip shop was open serving the obligatory battered cod. Any road I hope you can spend the weekend as you think fit. To underline the contradictions of existence, as an irreconcilable atheist, I’ll turn to Johann Sebastian Bach for inspiration and consolation.

And in the words of Dave Allen, the sit-down comedian of yesteryear,

“Thank you, goodnight and may your God go with you”

Enjoy Easter!

Tony Taylor

[Apologies –  I should have posted this as Tony Taylor not indefenceyw, but pressed the wrong key – too much village red, methinks!]

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