Education, Youth Poverty and Social Class : Setting the Agenda


Education, Youth Poverty and Social Class

An Agenda Setting Meeting

Monday 2nd September 2013, 1.00 – 3.00pm, University of Sussex

I am writing to invite you to be part of an agenda setting meeting for a series of events about education, youth poverty and social class, organised by members of the British Educational Research Association (BERA).

We know the economic situation and well-being of many young people have suffered in the aftermath of the financial crisis, and that this goes beyond the short-term effects of a recession in the UK but is part of an international trend. At the same time, it is less clear how educators can respond to the needs of young people. Disadvantaged young people continue to lose out in formal education, the expense of Higher Education has risen, while youth services are undergoing traumatic cuts.

Researchers within BERA whose work is focussed on young people, informal education, and social justice have come together to create a process that will explore responses to this situation. It is our hope that this process can include practitioners working with young people. These are large, complicated issues, and this process is by no means a solution. What we are suggesting is that some positive contribution might be made through collaboration between educators and researchers, trying together to understand what is happening and what we might do.

We hope to hold an event in November as a beginning of that process. However, before then we wanted to discuss how we do this – what might the November event consist of? Are there ways we might foster working together beyond the November event? What should the process be like?

To have this discussion, there is a meeting on Monday 2nd September 2013, 1.00 – 3.00pm in the University of Sussex, to which you are invited. To register your attendance at this meeting, please email . We need to know numbers for catering purposes since lunch will be provided.

If you cannot make the meeting, but are interested in the November event, and perhaps would like to support our planning with ideas, feedback or suggestions at this stage, please do get in touch with me at this email address, or you can call me at 07818080663 and we can discuss it.

Thanks and best wishes,


As I understand it Ian McGimpsey is particularly keen to get practitioners involved in this BERA initiative. If you’re down south, go for it!

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