The Revolution Will Not Be (Russell) Brand-ed

As an antidote to drooling over Russell Brand’s joust with Jeremy Paxman and his New Statesman Manifesto here is a riposte from two young activists in the USA.

The Revolution Will Not Be (Russell) Brand-ed

They begin by saying:

As young organizers and radical thinkers, the question on our lips is: why is Brand getting so much attention, while we – the “disenfranchised underclass” – been saying this shit for years?

But the thing that stands out to us as particularly ridiculous is how corporate media is holding Brand up as a would-be revolutionary at a time when young people of color and women, queer kids, working class and poor youth are leading organizations that are building a robust movement across issues, strategies, and identities; a movement that is not looking to celebrities or elites for direction, but is informed from below.

Does anyone know of a similar reaction by young activists in the UK?

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