Apologies if we are ‘off air’ for a few days! Best Wishes for 2014

With thanks to radicalteatowel.com

Friends, Supporters and Critics,

Just before the seasonal break I indicated that we were holding back a range of noteworthy posts until the New Year dawned. A further apology for the delay in tickling your interest is now required. At this moment we are in the midst of moving to a new home as our present host is closing down. Thankfully we are being assisted in this move by Justin Wylie, who has been enormously supportive of the Campaign since its emergence.

By chance it’s a timely moment to take a breath, to take stock of where the Campaign is up to. Thus when we return in few days we will be seeking to revamp the site. This will be one contribution to encouraging a critical discussion about the Campaign’s purpose and politics in the run up to the April national conference. We will also be painstakingly renewing the mailing list. Meanwhile we will carry on fostering discussion and exchanging information through the Facebook page.

See you soon. Watch this space.

Down with Austerity! Towards a challenging, questioning and even enjoyable Youth Work New Year!

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