youth elements

‘Today, Tomorrow, Together’ explore the issues affecting the young

people you work with. One World All Different is a one-day conference.

You will leave the day feeling passionate, inspired and motivated.


The conference takes place in Central London: Tuesday 25th March 10am-4pm


Four key reasons why YOU should attend:

·         Explore, participate and share learning within the issue based workshops facilitated by young people.

·         Discuss strategies to implement tools and techniques to support your clients and professional growth. 

·         Hear inspirational stories from Youth Ambassadors who are not allowing their past to dictate who they are. Also hear professionals from UK Youth, Beat Bullying, IARS and Peace Child.

·         Free resources for all delegates.


“This truly is a youth-led event and young people put on

a professional and well run conference”.

Charlotte Hill, Chief Executive UK Youth


“One World All Different” gives young people the opportunity and experience to engage with professionals to express, explore and share with them the issues and concerns they face. Young people gain valuable experience, skills and knowledge in presentation, facilitation, communication and events management.



Private Sectors & Local Authorities:    £99.00

Charities & Voluntary Organisations:  £60.00 

All profits made will play a part in supporting young people


For further information and booking visit:

or contact Amina Waldron on 0161 286 1566/email:

                          Youth Elements has been established due to the high increase of youth unemployment,
our projects support young people in creating opportunities and making choices.


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