IDYW at the State Youth Affairs Conference, Queensland, August 21/22


This coming Thursday and Friday, August 21/22 our Campaign will be making a significant contribution to the State Youth Affairs Conference  being held in Brisbane, Queensland. In preparing for the event it has been stimulating to work with Siyavash Doostkhah, the director of Youth Affairs New Queensland [YANQ], Liz Archer and Suzi Quixley. There has been a genuine sense of being involved with fellow travellers, determined to defend youth work as a distinctive educational practice. At this moment I’m running around packing, fretting about whether my three inputs are up to scratch, whilst worrying about my first ever long haul journey! Any road I hope to do our Campaign justice at the same time as learning from what’s going on in Queensland and beyond. To get a feel for the conference agenda and indeed an insight into the Australian scene, find below:



Once I’m over the jet lag [hopefully?] and into the swing of things there is a danger I’ll forget the existence of Facebook and Twitter. However I’ll try not to be unduly distracted and will endeavour to send photos and comments on the proceedings. Watch this space!

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  1. Please bring a copy home!

    Stream 2 – Youth Sector Development: Re-imaging Youth Work in an Age of Globalising Inequality (Dr Peter Westoby – Community Praxis Co-op & University of Qld)

    Please note that we recently have been having trouble with our email system. If you email me and do not hear back within a day, please resend!

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