British Youth Council to campaign for a Minister for Youth .. and Young Peers!?

Thanks to BYC
Thanks to BYC

The CYPN reports that  ‘members of the British Youth Council [BYC] want the next government to create a minister for young people with sole responsibility for issues affecting children and young people. The Scout Association put the campaign forward during BYC’s annual council meeting in Sheffield last week, which was attended by 35 member organisations.’ In addition ‘as part of the campaign, BYC will also call for the introduction of young peers, no older than 25 years old, to sit in the House of Lords and represent the views of young people.’

BYC calls for dedicated Minister

The initiative is welcomed by both the NCVYS and NYA, whilst the campaign Fair Play for Children is ambivalent, arguing,  ‘by all means have a Play and Youth Minister within Education but this ball-game belongs with the Secretary of State for Education. Undo Disaster Gove’s shrugging off of his duties and return Play and Youth (s507a and b) to Education – this is the campaign line of Fair Play for Children.’

Whilst I must confess the prospect of young peers in the profoundly anti-democratic Second House sends shudders through my abolitionist body the proposal for a dedicated Minister deserves a thorough debate. Whilst I collect my thoughts, what do you think?

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