‘ON THE FRINGES’ – FDYW Annual Conference, November 14 – 16

The FDYW conference is thankfully always awash with argument, dissent and solidarity.

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Federation for Detached Youth Work conference, November 14 – 16, Trafford Hall, Chester


The FDYW Annual Conference
is a unique forum to explore
practice. Contributors include;
• Hayley Speed and Chris
Charles – The Men’s Room ,
• Mick Hurley OBE – Specialist
Crime Solutions
• Simon Whitmore – Family
Support Officer / Youth Lead,
• Kerry Young – Author of ‘The
Art Of Youth Work’
• Edwin de Boeve – Director of
Dynamo International
• Greame Tiffany – Education
• Vanessa Rogers – Trainer and


Detached youth workers are often considered “practitioners with access”
(Tiffany, 2007), implying that their practice reaches ‘the parts other workers
cannot reach’. The premise is: many of the young people detached youth
workers engage with are failing to access services elsewhere – and this
makes them ‘hard to reach’ and ‘at risk’.
Certainly, the worker’s presence in the places these young people choose to
be confers the special status: “privileged witness of social reality” (Dynamo,
2008), and this cannot be said of many other service providers. But what does
this mean for practice? Should the detached youth worker be working on the
fringes? Does this make them peripheral, or radical? If so, how, and why,
should they do this work? We will be exploring these questions and many
more at this year’s conference.
The FDYW Conference continues to be an encouraging and inspiring event
attracting delegates from a diverse range of disciplines. It is a great
opportunity to share and develop practice through workshops and training
with some of the most influential figures in youth work today.


For further details and bookings;
Visit website: http://www.detachedyouthwork.info/conference.htm
Email: fdyw@nya.org.uk
Tel: 078 0422 3485 (Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00am – 2.00pm)


Download and distribute FDYW Annual Conference and AGM November 2014 Flyer 



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