A Welcome and Open Opportunity to explore the state of youth and community work today


For folk lucky enough to live and work in the North-West news of an initiative to set up a regular open discussion group at the Manchester Metropolitan University, courtesy of Janet Batsleer.

Youth and Community Work Research and Practice Discussion group.

2.00pm – 3.45pm



Manchester Metropolitan University

Facilitated by Janet Batsleer,Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community Work

8th October Initial Agenda Setting Meeting followed by a discussion on current events including the Rotherham situation and the issue of young people and youth workers as ‘credible witnesses.’ Led by Janet Batsleer. Also an opportunity to discuss Janet Batsleer’s most recent contribution to Youth and Policy Thinking Space on militarisation and youth work.

Future dates:

15th October; 22nd October; 5th November;

12th November Forum and Moderation session for colleagues using ‘Most Significant Change’ methodology

Monday 17th November Camilla Batmangelidgh Public lecture at Geoffrey Manton followed by discussion.

3rd December; 10th December.

Themes for discussion will be suggested on a meeting by meeting basis.

If you would like to be kept in touch with this group please contact J.Batsleer@mmu.ac.uk

It is open to every-one with an interest in the field of informal education and youth and community work and in understanding and challenging the divided and unjust context in which such practice is operating in the UK and internationally.

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